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Global Money Week

Παγκόσμια Εβδομάδα Χρήματος
Παγκόσμια Εβδομάδα Χρήματος
Παγκόσμια Εβδομάδα Χρήματος
Παγκόσμια Εβδομάδα Χρήματος

The Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection is hosting educational activities on financial literacy for schools, on the occasion of the Global and European Money Week.

Seminar at Alpha Bank's main building for students in Year 1 of Junior High School

On Monday 20 March 2023, a group of 25 students in Year 1 of Junior High School at Lycée Léonin, accompanied by their teachers, visited Alpha Bank’s main building and attended a seminar on “Introduction to financial literacy through the fascinating history of coins”, hosted by the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection.

The students had the chance to become familiar with key financial concepts that can prove useful in their everyday life, learn about modern transaction methods, and follow the history of currency and financial transactions from antiquity to the present day. Through this special educational presentation, the students saw original coins from the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection up close, such as the first coin in history, the coin of Alexander the Great, as well as important coins and banknotes from all periods in Greece. They also discussed various ways of managing their finances.

The presentation drew on knowledge from the current educational programmes of the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection, carried out during the 2022-2023 school year and approved by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

The educational activities travel to schools across Greece

On the occasion of the Global Money Week, the programmes, in the form of a museum kit, travel to primary schools in mainland Greece, the islands and Cyprus. This way, they disseminate the rich history of coins and make it accessible to children, even in the most remote areas.

Regarding the educational programmes carried out by Alpha Bank in Greek schools, the Curator of the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection, Dr Dimitra Tsangari, stated,

“In an extremely rapidly changing world, in which our daily transactions are becoming increasingly impersonal, young children are alienated from the physical form of currency and the ideas it represents. The Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection, one of the most important collections in the world, is here to preserve our history, to bring to life the figures and the events that are engraved on ancient coins and, at the same time, to introduce young people to the concept of money and its evolution over the centuries.”

Commenting on Alpha Bank’s participation in the Global Money Week, Mr George Terzis, Manager of Communications and Corporate Affairs, noted,

“It is with great pleasure that we are participating in the Global Money Week, organising a series of interesting educational activities that have been developed by our Numismatic Collection, but also reflect our Social Responsibility strategy, which places at its core the concept of inclusion in all educational initiatives we introduce to the younger generation on financial literacy and circular economy. Through the seminars that we organise in schools all over Greece, we teach students how to manage their finances, provide them with basic knowledge that will help them acquire healthy financial habits in their daily lives and, at the same time, raise their environmental awareness, instilling in them the concepts of circular economy in an interactive way. Our activities are fully aligned with the policy of the Hellenic Bank Association, with which we are working closely in the field of financial literacy.”

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