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Accessibility Statement

The accessibility statement is a public information page that relays the internal organisational policies, accessibility goals and efforts made to serve people with disabilities. It signals the compliance of a digital product to anti-discrimination laws and international accessibility standards.

This statement applies to the content of

Level of compliance: Partial compliance to the AA standard of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

Date: 03/2023

Accessibility study – Certification: theUXProdigy

Certification code: ALPHABANK_POL_WEB2023

Pages audited: All the pages in the domain were audited, except for the e-shop pages.

Description: The study focuses on enhancing and upgrading the quality of the Alpha Bank Culture website, with an emphasis on resolving digital accessibility issues and improving user experience. The key aim is the compliance of a large part of the to the international digital accessibility standards and specifically WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1.

Key stages of the study:

  1. The accessibility audit was performed by digital accessibility experts. This took place in 2 rounds.
  2. The issues identified in the accessibility audits were resolved. This took place in 2 rounds, following the accessibility audits.
  3. A usability test was performed with users with disabilities (mainly visual impairments).
  4. The most major issues that were identified in the usability test were resolved.
  5. A final accessibility audit was performed by digital accessibility experts.

Review: During the various audits by accessibility experts, but also during the usability test with users with disabilities, issues were identified that rendered part of the content not accessible. Based on the results of the study and the recommendations for resolving the issues, these have been addressed to a great extent and currently the services mentioned above are accessible to a large range of citizens / users of the websites, irrespective of disability.

Effective date: The certificate has been issued for and specifically for the website version at the time it was completed (March 2023). It is effective as of 03/2023 and for 1 year or until the next version of the website. If the pages change or are redesigned, a new certification study must be carried out.

Contact: To help us improve content accessibility, you may use the following contact email to highlight any issues you may have encountered or to request access to non-accessible information or documents: